Tech Predictions for the Investor

I have been around technology for over 25 years.  Like I have stated in my previous articles that I can often sense a growing tech opportunity, but rarely do I personally capitalize on it.  If you have read Innevitable Surprises by Peter Schwartz, you will understand why I think these things will happen. He has a theoretical way of predicting things and I just use his theories to come up with these “hair-brain” ideas.  Here are my tech predictions to keep an eye on.

1. Periscope Paid Services

I think that Periscope will figure out a way they can let users pay for services and let other users to make money from these services in both marketplaces and private sessions.  My prediction is that Periscope will become one of the faster growth revenue models.  I can only imagine what these services will be. But let’s just say video conferences, tours, etc.

2. The iBook

I have been waiting for Apple to introduce a version of the iPad that has two sides and closes up like a book.  It makes total sense, because then you can close her up and not smash the screen.  Plus humans are used to reading books like books not like smartphones!

3.  The Drone Car

Why not?  We have seen so many of these drones moving packages and zipping around everywhere. I predict we will see a drone based vehicle for humans as a prototype in the next 5-10 years.

4. Real Equity Tech Crowd Funding

The time is fast approaching that you will be able to buy very early shares in the next Apple, Priceline or Twitter.  The government is passing Title 3 and Title 4 in 2016.  It is real and basically it will allow you to buy a couple hundred dollars worth of shares in early startups, long before Venture Capital comes into the picture!

5. Interactive Picture Frames

We have all seen those cheap digital picture frames you can buy at Wal-Mart.  I think we will see cheap interactive digital picture frames.  So now you can not just watch pictures of your relatives, but it can ring and say hello!

6. Clouds In The Closet

I have come across this idea several times.  Right now we all work with cloud computing at some data center, some where out there.  I think a lot of companies will be bringing a new type of technology in-house for a lot of reasons.  It will however resemble and interact with the cloud.

7. Mechanic In Your Car

The founder of Waze is working diligently on building an interactive marketplace where mechanics can access your cars remotely, bid on fixing your problem and monitor your car.  It’s a definite thing about to happen.

8. Big Guys Offer Beacon Services

I think Apple and Google are going to be crushing the beacon market with a variety of services that let anybody from retail to hospitals (who will pay) know when people arrive, where they go in the building and lots of other stats.

9. Home Automation China Black Boxes

I predict a number of amazing products will come out of China that will assist in automating the home cheaply and efficiently, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart.

10. The End Of Cable As We Know It

I think Internet based companies Network, Apple and Chrome (Google) and a few others offering a complete way out of Cable with all the “live” channels you want.


By the way, how do I come up with these ideas.

Well, I run a tech startup pitch event in Boca Raton and work as a startup consultant, build brochure and eCommerce websites and have written a couple books about the Internet, tech and startups.

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Dan Gudema
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