#startups: Less Talking, More Walking

When it comes to startups there is a ton of talking. This simply means that people like to talk a lot and do very little.

It’s easy to talk.

I like to talk.

And talking is important. Startup co-founders need to get together and talk about what they are doing and creating. They need to spend time figuring out what is important and why they are going to do it.

There is a limit to how much talking and thinking you do. You need to be out there doing something to even start to think about succeeding.

Most startups don’t get started because they think they need to raise capital.

Most likely you don’t.

Many startups are not able to even get a web page up and running.


Because many do not have not developed the skills to create a web page.

Many startup co-founders think that creating a simple website that states what they are going to be doing and how to get in contact with the startup is work for a professional!

It’s not.

I have virtually never seen a successful tech startup (web based) where one of the co-founders did not create the first web page (I am not going as far as a whole website).

So, instead of telling me what your startup is going to be about, why don’t you take some time to learn how to create a simple WordPress site and get it up and running yourself. Trust me, it is not hard. Watch a couple Youtube videos and you got it!

You can do it right now on WordPress.com and not have your own hosting. Send me your website link and that will tell me what you do. It think this is as good or better than a pitch deck. A pitch deck is important, but that just tells me you know PowerPoint. The website will tell us you cared enough and are able to figure something out that is really not that complicated.

You see, that is the difference between success and failure for startups. Success simply means taking action. Each action is a small success. You have to start somewhere!
You get a bigger success each time you grow the business or idea. And that is how you get started. Hiding the idea away, working in secret initially works for some seasoned pros, but if this is your first idea, then you are not hiding anything from anybody.

And if your website needs to change because you changed the business around this week. Go back and change it!

It’s not a big deal. Practically nobody is critical of your startup. Most people want you to personally succeed. So just doing something, is the hardest part.

On April 20th, 2016, at 5:30 pm in Deerfield Beach, Florida (not far from I95 and Hillsboro Blvd.) we are running our 14th Tech Startup Pitch Event at SeedTronic. We are expecting about 50 attendees and there will be panel of investors as well as up to 10 startups pitching. I will see some of you there!

And have a great day.