Social Proof: Buzz Words Of The Day Or Here To Stay!

Social Proof by StartupPOP Dan Gudema. Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

You can go off and Google “Social Proof”. It’s a marketing buzz word to describe a process to prove your websites’ authenticity!

What you will find are a few different explanations, but it really comes down to one principle: Making customers or others online feel that what they are about to do is real and authentic, and because of evidence or “proof” they decide to take a decision to take that action you need them to take.

An example you are most likely familiar with is buying a hotel ticket where a pop-up says 31 people are looking at this hotel right now. Airplane tickets, Amazon, Dating Events and other capacity or time-based websites and apps use it.

Social Proof is nothing new. In fact, it’s simply using data to manipulate people into making a choice. The only reason we have it online is there is always that feeling in the back of your head that what is real is not real. My first assumption with all websites that are new to me is this may be a sham, a spam page, a trap until it is proven to be the real deal. Even the real deal can be a fake page, called a honey pot, that is there simply to grab our data and take advantage of us.

Years ago, in the dating event biz, we tried a simple test. We put in a test that said 5 spots left. When we switched it to 3 or 2 spots left, the sales started to roll in. We don’t do this anymore, but it worked. People act on these Social Proof concepts.
There are a series of companies that are growing fast that offer these services through a simple piece of javascript. I decided to use one recently to see what would happen. Basically the script tells my customers how many people are simultaneously viewing the website. It may pop up at any moment saying 11 people are online right now. And then we have another popup that says how many people have joined our list in the past 10 hours. It may say 5 people recently signed up or 25 people recently signed up. You can get more specific and say “Mark just paid for a product” or “Billie just signed up”. That would be a little bit too personal for me. If you go to and just wait a moment, a pop up within 8 seconds will say how many other people are on this website right now!

Seems like it is motivating people to act now. Either way, I found it curious and another little prop to help people understand this website (because it not nicely redesigned) is more than just a crappy old website.

The company I am reviewing is called Prove Source,, and it’s free to try, so have at it… I did. It does not seem to slow down our site. They let you remove their name with a paid version, but their system docs say it is better to have them on it, because they would be a third party proving it is real.

Hope that tidbit about Social Proof opens your eyes up to a ton of opportunities with one of these new products. It is worth a try!

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