Adwords Sitelinks in Google Analytics – Finally We Will Know Which Ad Text Works Best

Sitelinks are in Google Analytics

Sitelinks are those text words you see when you see those Google Ads show up when searching Google.

I was fumbling around in Adwords over the past month, both learning how to work with Adwords Google Search Ads. One of my dating business partners told me that Adwords would take me a long time to master and that you can make big time mistakes in there.

If you don’t know what Adwords is, it’s Google’s advertising system that lets you place and bid for user impressions as people search and also for those ads which show up randomly on websites. When they click your text ad links for instance, they click through to your site (That would produce something like a click-through rate or CTR).

And yes, as I found out, Adwords is a difficult and time consuming thing to master. I found out that if you are targeting a gender or a specific age group, if you waste your time with the wrong segment, you lose your money. If you bid too high, you lose your money. If you don’t know the difference between broad, phrase and exact match, once again you lose your money.

It’s kind of like a casino. You make a decision, take a risk and bet/bid in this case, and you lose your money and you say, I am not going to do that again. And you learn.

Anyway, what I discovered from a Google Analytics perspective, now that they have attached the search console stats and Google Analytics, is that you can create a ton of variations of text for different various ad campaigns. But for now, it was kind of difficult to understand which text did better. You could easily figure out which keyword did better and which campaign group or campaign did better, but actually what I was looking for is what was attractive to people who saw the text ads.

So, a lot of online marketing companies tag this stuff with variables so they can figure this out. But now Google has made that simple with a new feature called Sitelinks. I saw a little (NEW) next to the term Sitelinks and I then investigated. It simply showed me the list of the text ads in a report that can be sorted by top Clicks and top click through percentage and other stats.

The point of why to look at all of this in Google Analytics is the ability to connect data points together. In this tool, you can tell which text sells better, and where they came from, their gender, and a ton of other connection points. So it is great stuff.

Sitelinks is also important because that text you can now use for the purpose of SEO, changing your page titles and Meta Descriptions to be better at attractive customers. That is a bit of break-through for guys in this business!

Hopefully you followed this whole discussion!

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