A Small Taste of the Next Best Thing.

StartupPOP is a way for investors, angels and VCs to find diamonds in the rough. It was created as a way for entrepreneurs to get exposure to investors in a simple and easy method.

Our Story

I began helping entrepreneurs years ago by holding free tech startup pitch events for the local community in my spare time. Startup companies could come and pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, angels and VCs. I didn’t make any money, it was just a passion I couldn’t let go of. I loved doing it and using my corporate experience working for Bell Atlantic, Victoria Secret and Office Depot as well as my experience in starting up and selling the largest speed-dating company in the United States, to help people get their businesses off the ground.

Our pitch events were different because most tech startup events focus on famous speakers and not the entrepreneurs. Those events are great, but our focus has always been on providing exposure to startups looking for seed capital, partners, mentors and customers. Also, my goal was to hold events and write books that were approachable to all levels and all ages.

StartupPOP works with one goal: to build and support the startup community. Startups not only create jobs & opportunities, they help strengthen the backbone of our communities. It was created as a way for entrepreneurs, young and old, to get exposure to investors in a simple and easy method. Investors, angels and VCs count on StartupPOP to help them find ‘diamonds in the rough,’ those companies that, with the right support could blossom into ‘the next best thing.’

Value Proposition

We also heard from startups that have attended other events and used a variety of online sites and tools and found out these rarely provide the value they claim. We are aiming right at the problem, which is getting startups the right exposure for the right reasons. That is why we have undertaken this different and simple way for investors to learn more about start-up opportunities. Our listings require us to spend time reviewing the opportunities and highlighting the ventures in ways that the entrepreneurs themselves are not always good at.  We want to help showcase them in the best light. Many are diamonds in the rough — investors need to know why!

My Experience

In 2001, while I was working as a web developer for a $1 billion year old-time catalog company, I was asked by a serial entrepreneur if I would be the tech partner in my first start-up. I worked the day job and the night start-up for over 3 years. Pre-Dating.com went on to become the largest speed dating company in the US and was sold to Cupid.com in 2004. Since this initial start-up experience I have mentored, partnered and spoken with several hundred start-ups. Over the past year we ran 9 pitch events where a different group of 10 start-ups got up and presented for 3 minutes. In the past 2 years I have published several books about start-ups with my next coming out this fall. So StartupPop.com is just the next step in a series of steps.

If you have any additional questions please visit our Frequented Asked Questions page or send me a direct tweet at @dgudema.

Dan Gudema