ResourceShark: An Amazing Digital Marketing Directory & Agency

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We have had the pleasure of working with Bobby Ruckstuhl and ResourceShark for some time now. They are a hybrid digital marketing agency with a serious directory.

Directories by the way are one of the best SEO methods of backlinking for your website and the best way to get what we call dofollow links. So, by signing up with ResourceShark you would be getting not just digital agency marketing services, but a listing.

The other thing about ResourceShark that makes them stand out is their attention to detail in selling, customer service, across all the digital marketing mediums they work in. They not only do directories, websites and social, they will go to whatever level necessary for their customers and have a high, high retention rate. We highly recommend them.

As part of Resource Shark’s digital agency solution for their digital marketing agency, they are using a variety of local links that show on local searches like