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10 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Periscope for Business

For startups, it’s a tough road to success: about 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years, and tech startups fail at a rate that’s estimated to be as high as 90%. But, for hopeful entrepreneurs trying to get their companies off the ground, there’s a bright side: a growing number of inexpensive, innovative apps are available to fight those figures. One of these is Periscope. (continued…)

#2 – Interactive : Dan Gudema

In June 2015 when I first downloaded Periscope, I became a big advocate of Periscope for promoting both my business which is for startups and promoting my clients to use Periscope for their business. I run startup pitch events in Boca Raton, FL called StartupPOP where 10 companies each month pitch in front of a panel of investors. On June 15th and September 15, 2015 we ran events in Boca Raton where Periscope followers could watch our event live. We had over 150 viewers each time and people who could not make it could watch. Since then I have pretty much been on Periscope about 60 minutes day. I believe that Periscope offers any business with an event a way to show off the event in real time in ways that all other social media does not. The big factor is the interactivity with the Periscope broadcaster! You can ask questions that allow for instant answers and views. This is a major improvement over Youtube videos and social media like Facebook which are random and focused on friends and family.
Thanks to Dan Gudema, StartupPOP

Written by Gresham Harkless, a Media Consultant for Blue 16 Media and the Blogger-in-Chief for CEO Blog Nation.
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