My Audio Book Obsession

About a year ago, in June 2023, I became obsessed with generating a bunch of audio books.That obsession was highly related to my creation of a book about speed dating. We have been selling that book on the checkout form of the speed dating site for almost 6 years. And we sold a ton of eBook copies. Since we had not changed this book in a long time, I was thinking isn’t an audiobook preferable to an eBook or print book?

I started to ask my peers, do you like audiobooks over eBooks? The answer, not surprisingly, among the old guard, was almost everybody was drawn to audiobooks, and that it was a preference over physical books and eBooks. And why not, we can listen in a car, on a bike, at the gym, while working. We can listen to audiobooks as we walk, and it is so much more flexible than an eBook!

So, I started a year ago looking at audiobook solutions, and there are many, many out there. But my goal was to do it low-cost and effectively. There always are a dozen other ways to get things done, so finally after a year I was able to get it done, and that is what I am writing about and Youtubing about in the next few weeks.