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We are seeking passionate presenters to create StartupPOP Events in locations across the USA, Canada and select locations internationally. StartupPOP is a fast growing national startup event company which intends on expanding to 100 cities in the next 5 years. Become the StartupPOP Chapter President of your city.


Inspire your city or town!

In a competitive world, cities are either progressing or falling backward. You may think you can’t change your city or town, but you can. Our goal is to build and support the startup community because Startups not only create jobs & opportunities, they help strengthen the backbone of our communities. Our Events are intended as a way for entrepreneurs, young and old, to hone their ideas, receive feedback and to get exposure to investors. Investors, angels and VCs get the chance to hear about LOCAL companies that, with the right support could blossom into ‘the next big thing.’ StartupPOP events are for cities, towns and suburbs like yours.


Make some money while building great connections!

Are you in a position to spend several hours a month running an amazing event that impacts the local startup eco-system? Do you have a passion for business, working with people and don’t mind being in the public lime-light? Have you personally been to many networking events and feel confident in running your own? Do you already have a business, day job, or consultancy which can benefit from this event manager role?


Who Could Organize a StartupPOP Event?

  • Almost anyone with a desire to build the local startup community! Regardless of profession or level of experience, your passion is most important.
  • Startup Business Consultants or Consultants in general are ideal since they have lot of knowledge to impart.
  • Lawyers, Financial Professionals or others who serve small to medium sized businesses.
  • Speakers or Instructors
  • Startup Founders or Retired Business experts.
  • Prominent members of Local Associations
  • Prominent Local Business people, Realtors or any professional with organizational skills and speaking ability.


What does StartupPOP provide?

  • Exposure to the startup community and local business community – your face is out front.
  • Personalized direction and guidance.
  • A system of technology to run the event.
  • Detailed instructions and checklists.
  • Assistance with Promotional Material.
  • Assistance with marketing and promotion of the event.


What do I need to provide?

  • A venue. We will try to help with this to find a free or low-cost site from a company that will benefit from the exposure. A co-working office space, an office building with a large open area or atrium, a restaurant or hotel, or local university is ideal.
  • A laptop/computer to run the presentation.
  • A projector/screen and internet connection (the venue often provides this).
  • Minimal refreshments for the Attendees (the venue often provides this).
  • Some printed items, which may be done on your own printer, such as Name-tags, Attendee lists, and Programs.
  • A couple of on-the-day helpers.
  • Approximately 5-12 hours over 8 weeks.
  • Some basic guarantees, such as: a commitment to be at the event, adhering to our code of conduct, a non-compete agreement for this type of event, etc.


Where and when are events available?

We will cluster events into regions, and will be sure our events do not overlap geographical regions. We will be able to tell you more when you request more information. You will schedule the final event dates, but we will assist you in picking the best dates and times.

What is the cost to us of organizing an event?

StartupPOP does NOT charge you any fees or dues. Any costs are for running the event and are controlled by you. Costs depend on how much you spend, what the venue will provide and if there is a sponsor. For example you could choose a venue that will let you have the event for free and will supply food and drinks at no cost, or you could pick one that charges $250 and provides nothing meaning you have to pay for the light refreshments. Most events have the cost of paper supplies (name-tags, lists of attendees for the door and perhaps a handout for each attendee). Exact costs vary based on location, transport and local conditions in your city or town, but expect to spend at least $50.

Will I earn any money from the event?

Most likely yes. Beside the exposure you will receive for your professional development, you are entitled to a very large portion of the ticket sales paid by each Attendee. You are also entitled to help set the ticket price for your event to ensure the largest number of Attendees. For example, some event organizers will offer $25 tickets while others may choose to have a lower cost, or even make the event free to attend because they feel the exposure they get is so valuable. You may also sign up local Sponsors for your event and you will receive a large percentage of those fees.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you would like to have fun with event planning and event marketing with StartupPOP, fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon with more details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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