I personally learned a lot, a magnificent growing opportunity

Going to the event represented a magnificent growing opportunity for Apretaste. The event happened as promised: the venue was beautiful and perfect for the type of event, the technical resources where there when you needed them, and the timing and organization was very good. There were plenty people in the audience, seats weren’t enough. Also, food was amazing. They provided an actual meal, where most of the events run based on coke and pizza.

The pitches were fast paced, which keeps the audience interested and motivated. Several investors and businessmen were at the place as promised. The panel was very knowledgeable and I personally learned a lot from their questions and suggestions. After the event people stayed to network and I have the chance to talk to people who were interested on my idea and want to work with me. I am very happy I got the opportunity to pitch here, add I would repeat the experience any other time.

Salvi Pascual, Apretaste