So, What Happened To StartupPOP?

First off, if you are reading this blog post, you are visiting the StartupPOP website blog. I’d like to thank you for coming back to see what we are up to.

Second, let’s quickly revisit our history, where we were at when the world went insane with the pandemic and where we will be in the future.

From 2013 to 2019, we ran an average of 3 StartupPOP Startup Pitch Events w/Networking in Boca Raton, as well as North Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and New York City. Our events typically had 75 attendees, an average of 5 pitch companies and 3 investor panel members. Over the past 8 years, we had over 400 startups pitch and thousands who have attended our events and joined our email lists, Meetup Groups. We even had one or two of the startups who pitched over the years get funded and in one case an acquisition. That would be SpeedETabs was acquired by Wix.

I’d like to thank Craig Henderson, Amanda from Cendyn, Mark Wigder, Jennifer Honore, Francis Fytton, Heath Jones, Matt Tabin and so many others who helped throughout the years. I can not remember every single person who volunteered, but I definitely want to thank everybody. It was obviously a labor of love rather than a big financial gain. Though we strove to find a way to make it work financially for our time and energy. But the bigger objective was always to build contacts and our network.

In the end, we ourselves, Craig Henderson and myself found we needed to focus and spend more time on our tech startup, which is called SEO Turbo Booster, which lives on. SEO Turbo Booster, in it’s third year, offers the ability to generate and manage a variety of local web pages in the hundreds for local and national businesses for getting found better on Google Search. As the pandemic rolled on, that has been our main focus.

When the pandemic rolled into town, we were not exactly ready to take the StartupPOP show virtual. I did run about 10 virtual events that were geared towards the pandemic, but this was still not a good avenue for me personally.

As 2021 creeps by, we are looking at ways we can use our goodwill and possibly our pitche events to promote ourselves. Good luck and please get in touch with me if you need anything or want to know when the next pitch event will be in Boca Raton!

Dan Gudema
[email protected]