Dan Gudema, Founder of StartupPOP featured on Kununu.com

To celebrate this day of love we wanted to share with you the following article which features our Founder’s own ‘love story.’ Be sure to click and read the full article.
Enjoy & we wish you a day filled with love and romance 🙂

Love in the Workplace:

Uncovering Real Stories of “Love” At Work

Linda Le Phan • February 14, 2017

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All you need is love. Love, love is all you need!

Absolutely, we totally agree with that. However let’s be honest, most people automatically only think about home and personal life when it comes to love. Given that the average American spends about 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime (that’s one-third or 30 percent of human life!), you have to wonder – what about love in the workplace?

In the spirit of uncovering real “love” in the workplace, we did a fun little exercise with our own “love” data from hundreds of thousands of employee reviews on kununu. We also tapped into some cool insights from Winq, a social polling app for millennials.

Oh, at the end we also threw in some of our favorite heart-warming real stories of people finding love at work (quick preview: OKCupid, speed dating, and post-divorce romance).

Failed Speed Dater

“In 2001, I became the cofounder of a tech startup called Pre-Dating Speed Dating, a dating event company which became the largest in the country. You would think I would have met a women, but I did not.

At the same time I had a full-time job at an e-commerce company in Miami, Florida. In 2005, a new girl joined the company. She was very nice, but I did not believe in dating women at work. Plus I was old looking and bald and she was super cute and looked very young.

We used to go to lunch together and I liked her alot, but I did not know if she liked me. One day she came to my cubicle to tell me she was leaving to start a new job in a week. I was devastated because I loved being around her. It was her last friday at the job and she was taking a week off before the new job.

I asked her what she was doing next week. She had no plans. That’s when I asked her if she would go with me the next morning, Saturday, to Paris for the week. She blushed and was stunned. She hesitated and thought about it for a while, and finally said yes!

That was 12 years ago. Since then we have virtually never been apart, got married, have 2 boys who are 6 and 9. And I still own part of the speed dating company!” – Dan Gudema, Founder of StartupPOP LLC


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