Creative Click Media quotes Dan Gudema in “Experts Weigh In: Top 10 Traits Needed to Become a Successful Entrepreneur”

So, you’re ready to take the exciting leap into the world of entrepreneurship. That’s great! While you might have the name, ideas, and products already lined up, this doesn’t necessarily make for a booming business right off the bat.


Experts Weigh In: Top 10 Traits Needed to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
By Olivia Garrison, Creative Click Media

A successful entrepreneur is not defined by the material products they possess, or even by how extravagant their ideas are for their future business model. What they must first possess are certain character traits that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs before them run thriving businesses.

How do we know this? We went straight to the source! We asked top professionals about the traits that have helped them find success in their own industries, and rounded out their responses to ten must-have characteristics for anyone looking to start their entrepreneurial journey…

People Skills
No matter how technologically driven your business is, it wouldn’t be able to function without the people behind it. Knowing how to best communicate with and listen to your clients, colleagues, and co-workers will put any hopeful entrepreneur a step ahead of their competitors with a “my way or the highway” attitude…

dangudema2I believe humility is probably the most important trait for entrepreneurs to succeed today. Being able to listen to customers, partners and workers and to understand when you are wrong and be able to make a pivot and completely change what you are doing is critical to success.

–Dan Gudema,
Founder of Startup POP

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