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“ I attended my first meetup with this group October 15, 2014 where they were hosting a Pitch Event that evening. I have to say congratulations at an event well done. Very professional and extremely well organized. ” — Alan
Dan’s pitch and networking events thru StartupPOP are a breeding ground for the most promising entrepreneurs and startups in the South Florida region.,” says RecordGram CO Founder Erik Mendelson. “My company received an amazing press write up in the Sun Sentinel as a direct result of Dan’s influential recommendation after hearing me pitch at his first event. I greatly enjoy attending the StartupPop events and seeing so many innovative ideas from entrepreneurs—the kind of business people who built America.
-- Ron Poe, Secu
“Great event, organized well, with good food and intelligent people who were easy to meet and share ideas.” — Mark Tennenhouse
Dan’s meetup is a great opportunity to validate your next big idea, or hone your marketing message. Nothing beats face to face interaction with an audience of like-minded entrepreneurs, who each bring their own unique perspective.

Mark Chin CEO & Founder

“A great place to meet, network, exchange ideas.”
— Geoff Caplan

Amazing! This was my first Startup Pop and am I glad I was in attendance. Some great pitches and great people. Many thanks to DAN for all his work to make last nights event a huge success.

- Bruce Diller

Going to the event represented a magnificent growing opportunity for Apretaste. The event happened as promised: the venue was beautiful and perfect for the type of event, the technical resources where there when you needed them, and the timing and organization was very good. There were plenty people in the audience, seats weren’t enough. Also, food was amazing. They provided an actual meal, where most of the events run based on coke and pizza.
The pitches were fast paced, which keeps the audience interested and motivated. Several investors and businessmen were at the place as promised. The panel was very knowledgeable and I personally learned a lot from their questions and suggestions. After the event people stayed to network and I have the chance to talk to people who were interested on my idea and want to work with me. I am very happy I got the opportunity to pitch here, add I would repeat the experience any other time.

Salvi Pascual, Apretaste


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