#AI is the actual #Crypto Revolution they predicted!

#AI is the actual #Crypto Revolution they predicted!

Through all of the crypto hype during the pandemic, I always, always in the back of my mind knew something was wrong. We all did. It’s like a little voice saying, this just does not sound right or it’s not sustainable or rational! Yet at the Crypto-Summit in West Palm and other events, these people were like so zombified into a crypto future, it was actually worse than being at a Trump rally. I don’t hate anyone or blame anyone. We are country of fads, and south Florida and in particular Miami is a fad city, and they bought this fad, hook, line and sinker!

I had a chance last summer to go and listen to the founder of Blockchain speak, Scott Stornetta, at FDU in Madison, NJ. He came up with the idea of blockchain while he was an employee at Bell Labs in NJ, while at a Friendly’s in Morris Plains at dinner with his wife in the late 80s and wrote the idea down on a napkin. It was the concept of an old time prison where the guards sat in building in the middle watching all the inmates on the sides, except he reversed it in his mind and realized all the inmates could be watching the one guard to make sure he does not change. That’s it! That’s the transparency idea that created blockchain.

My conclusion is this blockchain tech was not built to revolutionize currency and change how we buy and sell things and revolutionize the world. You may believe it will. It was not built to take away fiat currency from governments like the US, but rather a sneaky way for all the dark money, underground drug economy, sex trafficking economy, and some North Korean/Russian Oligarch money to have a place to put their money. And whether it crashes or makes it big, they don’t care as long as it has some value. They are in the money laundering business, and that’s what sustains Bitcoin and crypto currencies for the indefinitely future. It’s not going away. But think about who is behind it working.

Stornetta talked about why he created Blockchain tech, and it was simply to be able to authenticate anything. It was created not for currency, but to make sure that the precise information that traded between two sources had multiple sources for verification.

Crypto-backed stuff, based on blockchain has a horrible, inefficient method of duplicating everything on every server. Thats how Etherium and Bitcoin work. They are crypto-currencies with a ledger record out there on 150,000+ servers. My 16 year-old-son artist became an anti-NFT artist because he claimed it was not a green solution. He was right, but I wanted to make money on NFTs. Luckily I never got that deep into it.

I am quite sure W3, crypto, blockchain, NFTs have a place in the near future, but all the hype never made sense. It is still a good thing for ledger transparency, but it will never be oversold again. The public feels a little bit fooled by now. Ask Kim Kardashian.

Now, on the other-hand, the oncoming AI revolution is a complete game changer across every industry and every way we live our lives. It was already underway about 10 years ago. I ran into quite a few AI developers and companies back then, who were getting meetings with CEOs and execs because they were claiming they could cut down on customer service costs by 50% to 75%. Even those claims were a little bit exaggerated back then, but now I believe some of these new AI services will reduce customer service costs by 95% and eliminate whole industries. 

This is more like the industrial revolution coming along and removing the artisan from making local chairs and a massive chair company emerging, or Ford introducing the assembly line where massive economies of scale can be achieved. AI holds those promises and they are real compared with crypto. Crypto was always an illusion.

I don’t see AI stopping till all of us are out of work, to leaving only the essential workers. Many of the young people and workers will have different job titles and functions. I have already seen ads for the first “Prompt Engineers” to be hired to work on AI processes. I have a saying that the ultimate form of capitalism is slavery. It simply means that the way businesses work unfettered, they will use this AI to the most efficient means they can to derive the highest profit legally for their shareholders. It’s ok. It’s American as apple pie, and that will happen. Obviously we will have to make adjustments, like basic income and better distribution of wealth if this happens, when it happens. You can’t have employment rates skyrocketing. But that is the story of America. Every time we go overboard with monopolies and consolidation (like today) and greed, there needs to be a push back to create competition, better avenues to rise up and compete and those programs are critical to the future even more so because of AI. My politics is different. I am an Andrew Yang/Mayor Suarez type of guy. Hard to put them both in the same bucket, but basically 2 guys who are just dead honest about most things. We will see both back again in the future running. Better more efficient systems means a better life, and I truly see AI making it much, much better. 

Just a side note. Decentralization, giving states more power, and using less central methods to me is downright awful. Some things need to be centralized and efficient…. And this is important in this new AI future, where trust me states will be the doggy dog last to understand and know what the heck happened and why 2,000,000 truckers are now out of work. It’s going to happen and they have plans to make it happen! States will get this AI revolution, but maybe in 2040… Till then we are all on our own. Don’t rely on states for anything.

I am working on a marketing automation Campaign AI product startup myself. The potential for this product saving my clients thousands of hours a year is not just possible, it can happen. It will happen! If I don’t reduce those hours for my clients, somebody else will.

AI is now off to the races. I get an AI email newsletter daily. Check out these programs listed in it that are brand spanking new or modified existing apps adopting AI:

Morise AI: You make the videos, and Morise.ai will make them go viral.
ChatMind: Turns your words into mind maps.
Predict: drives revenue with compelling creatives.
Tableau: Bring analytics to life with AI
KalendarAI: Generate Revenue on autopilot

This is real and happening and will realign a lot of industries. It is truly a revolution, and it is happening right beneath your feet, right between your eyes if you are not seeing it. So you need to take note and understand the impact.

Everybody on our startup teams are all talking about Fireflies.ai and Otter. Both programs are AI notetakers for meetings. You invite them to your Zoom call and they record, convert to text, take notes and even give you action items by person from the meeting. Fireflies.ai will even show you each person’s positive or negative reactions. This is a whole new world people, and for your first experience with Fireflies.ai, it will be an eye opener.

The issue is AI will quickly getting better and smarter than us. It will ultimately replace us in every rote task we do. It may even write a blog article like this one and remove me as the writer. In my MBA program we learned about this. The word is Disintermediation. That is the removal of the middle worker. That’s what happened to all the travel agents. They went away. Your job may be going away as well. 

I think that people will always be able to find something to do, so not too worried for workers exactly, but the adjustment for many will be extremely painful. Think actuaries, tax accountants, even lawyers… Truckers, assembly line, insurance adjusters, cookers, farmers. I have already heard and seen the programs being put in place.

Anyway, I hope you have a great day and please follow me on Medium.com…. Contact me if you want to chat more about this or put a comment in the NFT ledger on the right! If you want to learn about my AI Campaign software and be a beta tester than write me and just say BETA at [email protected]