A Small Taste of the Next Best Thing.

StartupPOP is a way for investors, angels and VCs to find diamonds […]


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A Small Taste of the Next Best Thing.


Starting in 2013 in Boca Raton, Florida at The Greenhouse Offices, and eventually at Cendyn Spaces, and now at The Eglavator, StartupPOP Pitch Events were held for over 10 years. We recently started up again following the pandemic

There were an average of 3 events a year, with 50-100 attendees per event and up to 8 startup pitch companies pitching per event. By the time the pandemic arrived, we had over 400 companies pitching to investors at StartupPOP events.

We are currently running pitch events at Eglavator Tech Incubator. We do plan on participating in the Miami startup eco-system, through a monthly email newsletter about Startups in South Florida and to get ourselves re-established. We may or may not participate in future startup pitch events.

StartupPOP was a way for investors, angels, and VCs to find diamonds in the rough. It was created as a way for entrepreneurs to get exposure to investors in a simple and easy method.


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Are you a local programmer, run a startup, or agency, or need a place to work out of that is a great co-working space? The Eglavator located at 791 Park of Commerce Blvd., is seeking new tenants. You can be an individual developer, marketer worker who shares a co-working space, or rent an office. This location is very close to Yamato and Congress and has easy access to I95 and the Turnpike. Please contact Edwin at [email protected] for more info and say StartupPOP sent you.




StartupPOP’s Mission is to build and support the startup community. Startups not only create jobs & opportunities, they help strengthen the backbone of our communities. Created as a way for entrepreneurs, young and old, to get exposure to investors. Investors, angels and VCs count on StartupPOP to find ‘diamonds in the rough,’ companies that, with the right support could blossom into ‘the next big thing.’



Get involved with StartupPOP’s mission to boost small, independent, local businesses, or to have us hold a custom startup event for you.