NAMES: How to Name Your Start-Up Venture. A Formula for the Perfect Business Name. Softcover Book by Dan Gudema


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How to Name Your Start-Up Venture.
A Formula for the Perfect Business Name.
by Dan Gudema

YOU want an extraordinary name for your tech startup, startup business, product, service or mobile app. Choosing the right name can mean success or failure. This book gives you real world examples of how and why some names fail while others succeed. Learn what to do and what not to do in quick, simple steps without a lot of fluff – buy it today and finish it tonight!

For example, there are 4 critical points to a great name.

  1. Memorable: can people remember the name in 10 minutes, in 24 hours or in 30 days? They should be able to remember it next year when you bump into them.
  2. Does the name sound familiar to people? Do they think they’ve heard of this name before?
  3. Personality. Does your name show humor or personality that makes it stand out?
  4. Does the name say what it does?

If you can hit all 4 points you have an extraordinary name.
If you need to come up with a startup name today, “Names” may be the greatest investment you make!


I am excited to present my book ‘Names: How to Name Your Startup Venture.’  As you know the interest in startup businesses is booming and is expected to grow steadily, especially with young people.

‘Names’ is part of a series of books about startups I have been writing for the past few years. Each of the books is intended to help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs gain success by looking at the issues faced by startups in small, easily digestible bites. Each book covers a simple topic such as coming up with a venture name, pitching to raise capital or putting together a pitch deck.

I began helping entrepreneurs years ago by holding free startup pitch events for the local community in my spare time. I didn’t make any money, it was a passion. I loved doing it and using my corporate experience working for Bell Atlantic, Victoria Secret and Office Depot as well as my experience in starting up and selling the largest speed-dating company in the United States, to help people get their businesses off the ground. In working with these companies I found a lot of material out there, but none of it was laser-targeted to the specific problems faced by startups. Most of it was very out of date and often full of jargon and not easy to understand for the fledgling entrepreneur – or even a seasoned business person that was new to startups.

My goal was to hold events and write books that were approachable to all levels and were short enough to get the knowledge across without bogging down the reader with fluff.

I hope you will find this book engaging, and I would love to share the other books in the StartupPOP series with you, and to hear your feedback.

Thank You,
Dan Gudema

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