Startup Spotlight: Pickk Fantasy Betting App

When Kyle Pierce first came and pitched Pickk at a StartupPOP Pitch Event in Boca Raton, Florida in early 2015, the idea was still conceptual.  He had a few screen shots of his mobile app and he got a lot of criticism from our panel.  Yet, 6 months later, with a new name and programming he did himself, he was displaying a startup mobile app that apparently had legs.  The fact that Kyle went out and learned to program in Javascript was very impressive. It is hard to believe he did all of this programming on his own. Still when we heard him pitch the second time around, the concept was still missing a solid business model.  The investors still dismissed him.

But Kyle did not give up.  In 2016, Kyle has finally received seed capital funding and the startup is finally at a point where Pickk has reached a milestone of 10,000 users.  Now things seem to be possible for Pickk that were impossible 2 years ago.  And the future is looking even brighter each time I see Kyle.  All of this was done with only an IOS/Apple Phone version.  He is in the middle of developing an Android version now, and obviously the market for Android is 75% of the consumer market or greater of the US market for smartphones.  This means you don’t have to wait to finish your app to pitch, you don’t need to have every version complete and you don’t have to be success immediately.  You may have to pivot and change directions.  You have to go back to the same sources and ask for capital again.  Nothing happens over night.

Finally, I have to admit, and Kyle knows this, the concept behind Pickk was somewhat crowdsourced.  I had a conversation with Kyle right before he started the project and actually the reason I mentioned it to Kyle is several other people at Caffeine Spaces, our old co-working space, had thought of similar concepts using Twitter.  What I had not mentioned to Kyle is the same concept had been attempted as an API for the gaming industry 10 years earlier.  Either way, it was a good idea and he smartly executed on it.  But it proves once again why it is so critical to meet, network, listen to other entrepreneurs and learn and sometimes discover trends that are worth pursuing.


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