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StartupPOP is a fast growing national startup event company which intends on expanding to 100 cities in the next 5 years. Become a StartupPOP Sponsor and gain exposure for yourself while helping startups. Your sponsorship provides you with the best opportunities to connect with the most talented entrepreneurs, investors, thinkers, researchers, designers, writers, developers, marketers, and engineers.

Help the community while building great connections!

Our sponsors directly contribute to a growing ecosystem of people who build and support the startup community. Startups not only create jobs & opportunities, they help strengthen the backbone of our communities. Created as a way for entrepreneurs, young and old, to get exposure to investors. Investors, angels and VCs count on StartupPOP to find ‘diamonds in the rough,’ companies that, with the right support could blossom into ‘the next big thing.’

We are seeking Sponsors for StartupPOP Events at the local, regional and national level for locations across the USA, Canada and select locations internationally. StartupPOP has a variety of sponsorship options. We even have custom opportunities such as lanyards, coffee, special events and conferences or just about anything you can imagine.


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